From The Agents

From The Agents

Why I Joined Z House Realty Group…

Its funny, most agents look for an office based on what they want. I took a different approach, I knew what I DID NOT want and what I found was exactly what I needed! I found an office that uses cutting edge technology and training. I found someone who knew more about computers than I did (even with my Information Systems background). I found a family friendly environment that recognizes individual talents and encourages personal and professional growth inside and outside the office. I found a reputable, highly ethical, professional and PERSONABLE Broker who cares and truly wants you to succeed without sucking every last dime out of you in hidden and unexpected fees. Z House, in my book is second to none. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.
_Wendy Cowan, Realtor®

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E-Mail To The Broker….

I just want to say thanks for all the positive changes you have made to the office. You are doing all these things to better us as agents and to assist in our success.
Now, as for me I know I don’t get some of the stuff you are talking about (haha), but I know it just takes a phone call to find out all about it. BIG PLUS. Glad to be a part of your team. Again, thanks for all that you do.
_David Rodriguez, Realtor®
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