Broker Profile

Broker Profile

Janice Ziesig believes in the power of home ownership and the equity, pride, and community commitment that comes with it. Whether investing or for your homestead, they understand that the decisions you make concerning real property is important and exciting. Janice has always enjoyed searching for new homes, for herself, as investments or just helping out a friend.

  • Janice is honest and does not shade the truth. Those who know her will agree that her word is good.
  • Janice is reliable. If she tells a client that she will do something, nothing will stop them from getting it done.
  • Janice will make time for you. Most people today are “too busy.” With Janice, she will never be too busy for you!
  • Janice is a licensed real estate agent. This means that she passed the state licensing examination, which required much dedicated study.
  • Janice constantly take courses on all facets of real estate: appraisal, negotiation, financing, and so on in an effort to serve you better.
  • Janice lives in east Orlando and has pride and concern for the community.
  • Janice has over ten years experience in Customer Care and Support and understands the value in building a relationship with clients. With her, you will never feel that you are with an “order taker.”

Janice graduated from the University of Central Florida, where she studied Computer Science and Marketing. And, recently, Janice recieved a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Florida.  In real estate, she puts that knowledge to work for her customers every day. Prior to working in real estate, Janice worked for 5 years in the Telecom Industry as a project manager and customer relationship manager. The ability to handle details and negotiations is critical in real estate – make sure whoever you choose to work with has them.

If you are considering a real estate investment, please give Janice a call. In addition, if you know of someone in need of a realtor, please share Janice’s contact information with him or her. Given the chance, Janice will prove that she cares, and prove to you that she is highly capable of serving your real estate needs.



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